Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age

Effective governments are key to solving our collective environmental, social, and economic problems. Technology is changing the pace, scale, and nature of these problems.

We are university academics and practitioner-instructors who teach future public servants in schools of public policy and administration from around the world. Our institutions are equipping graduates with industrial-era skills and competencies to solve digital-era problems. We can do better.

We will be co-designing learning resources on digital fundamentals for future public servants, to complement current teaching. They will cover topics that we value, including:

Inclusive, human-centred designAgile managementData ethics.
If you teach future public servants and believe our public service education needs to adapt to the digital era, we want your knowledge, perspective, and insights to guide this work.


Chris Allison
Amanda Clarke
David Eaves
Ines Mergel
Vernie Oliveiro
Tom Steinberg
Evagelia E. Tavoulareas
Sameer Vasta

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